Social Cognition Lab

Director: Brittany Cassidy, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

People quickly and spontaneously form impressions when meeting others. These impressions are based on relatively little information, including a person’s social categories (e.g., race or gender), facial characteristics, and, when available, behaviors. Forming impressions is a central aspect of human behavior that drives our social interactions. How do we integrate these different cues into our impressions? Research in the Social Cognition Lab at UNCG characterizes the dynamic synthesis of cues during person perception and the effects of this synthesis on behavior. 

Because our research treats person perception as a complex and dynamic process, the lab takes a multi-level approach to best characterize mechanisms underlying it. Research in our lab incorporates behavioral studies, eye-tracking, and brain imaging (fMRI) to provide converging evidence for mechanisms underlying how people evaluate, understand, and remember other people.

Dr. Cassidy is interested in recruiting one M.A. student to begin in Fall 2021.


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