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DALL·E 2024-02-14 13.02.43 - Create an image of a cheerful, short-haired woman in a Pixar-

Resigned to the AI takeover, Dr. Cassidy learns what AI thinks she looks like in February 2024.

Combining lab interests in true crime, puzzles, taprooms, and resigned pleas to stack overflow (clues!) in September 2023.

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Taco Tuesday and serious academic poses in August 2023.

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Left to right: Megan Stanfield, Corban Mills, Hayley Liebenow, Brittany Cassidy, Trever Ojeda

Dr. Cassidy hosts the Kendon Smith Lecture Series Understanding People from Faces: From Detection to Discrimination in April 2023 at UNCG.

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Left to right: Dr. Kerri Johnson, Dr. Paula Niedenthal, Dr. Cassidy, Dr. Kerry Kawakami, Dr. Alex Todorov

Honors student Brendan Diaz earns first place in the 2023 Thomas Undergraduate Research Forum at UNCG.

Accompanied by Gloria, Dr. Cassidy receives the Thomas Undergraduate Mentor Award for pre-tenure faculty at UNCG in 2023.

The lab presents at SPSP in Atlanta, GA, in 2023.

Hayley Liebenow earns her MA and honors student Shima Mohamed graduates in December 2022.

Dr. Cassidy's graduate social psychology class fan-people-ing Dr. Claude Steele at Wake Forest University in the Fall 2022 semester. 

Caraline Malloy, Hayley Liebenow, and Dr. Cassidy at SPSP 2022 in San Francisco, CA.

Honors students Grace Clark and Caraline Malloy graduate in May 2022.

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Lab graduate students and research assistants in Fall 2021.

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